PhD Richard Larry Whitehead

Richard L. Whitehead holds a Ph.D. from Temple University's Department of Political Science, with Democratization and African politics as area of specialization.

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Research and Reports

Historical Legacies, Clientelism and the Capacity to Fight: Exploring Pathways to Regime Tenure in Tanzania..
Democratization, Forthcoming

Party Dominance in Sub-Saharan Africa: Tying the Talk Together.
Dissusant notes for workshop on Africa's One-Party Dominant Regimes. University of Warwick, September 10-12

Single-Party Rule in a Multiparty Age: Tanzania in Comparative Perspective. Doctoral Dissertation. Philadelphia: Temple University, Department of Political Science. (2009, August)

Dissertation (PDF A4) Dissertation (PDF Letter)

Norwegian Center for Human Rights. (2008, June). "Election Day Observation Report, Adjara, Georgia." Georgia: Parliamentary Elections May 2008. Pp.13-14

Norwegian Center for Human Rights. (2007, October). "Election Day Observation Report, Aktobe, Kazakhstan." Kazahkstan: Parliamentary Elections August 2007. Pp.14-15

An Assessment of Voter Registration and Campaigns: 2005 Tanzanian Elections. (2005, November). Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: Research and Education for Democracy in Tanzania

Building Community Capacity in North-Central Philadelphia. (2003, June). Internal study for Project H.O.M.E., Philadelphia

Tanzanian Opposition Parties: Trends from Two Multiparty Elections. (2001, November). Paper presented at the Northeast Political Science Association regional conference, Philadelphia

The Institutionalization of the Tanzanian Opposition Parties. (2000, July). Bergen, Norway: Chr. Michelsen Institute

“The Institutionalization of the Tanzanian Opposition Parties: How Stable are They?” (2000, June). MPA Dissertation. Bergen, Norway: University of Bergen, Department of Public Administration and Organizational Theory

Recent Presentations and Conferences

Discussant for section on One-Party Dominant Systems in Africa. University of Warwick, Workshop on One-Party Dominance in Sub-Saharan Africa, 2010, 10-12 September

"Party Dominance in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Case of Tanzania." University of Warwick, Workshop on One-Party Dominance in Sub-Saharan Africa, 2010, 10-12 September

"A Rough Guide to Single-Party Rule in a Multiparty Age: Tanzania in Comparative Perspective." University of Bergen, Comparative Politics Department, Peer presentation, 2010, April 7

Featured Articles

"Africa: The Troublesome Politics of Election Pacts." Africa Review and Editors Choice on the Daily Nation (Kenya) 2010, December 2

"Can CCM Sustain a Stranglehold on Power?" Africa Review 2010, November 20

"Tanzania's Forth Multiparty Elections: Change of the Same?" Pambazuka 2010, November 19

"The Cockroach Part 1: The Dangers in a Discourse of Danger." United Progressives 2010, April 16

"Corporate Speach is our Silence." United Progressives 2010, January 29

"Warning Workers: Corrupt Thugs want Your Wages." United Progressives 2010, January 14

"Health Insurance and Mortaility Rates. Who Lies?" United Progressives 2009, December 8

"Bots, Bits and Bites: The Automation of American Politica Discourse."United Progressivs 2009, November 15

"Want a middle Class? Well then Support Workers Rights." United Progressives 2009, October 26.

"If Democracy is What We Want, Card Check is What We should Get."
United Progressives 2009, October 2


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