PhD Richard Larry Whitehead

Richard L. Whitehead holds a Ph.D. from Temple University's Department of Political Science, with Democratization and African politics as area of specialization.

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In August, 2009, my time as a graduate student came to a close as I successfully completed my Ph.D. at Temple University's Department of Political Science. While my degree is in comparative politics, my area of specialization is African politics. My MPA dissertation, entitled “The Institutionalization of the Tanzanian Opposition Parties,” is a pioneering work which assesses the qualities of opposition party stability and adaptability following Tanzania’s 1992 multiparty reforms. My Ph.D. dissertation, entitled “Single-Party Rule in a Multiparty Age: Tanzania in Comparative Perspective,” explains why some regimes continue to dominate their respective polities following multiparty reforms, while other regimes are ousted in subsequent multiparty elections. More specific details on each study can be found under "publications."

Aside from my graduate work, I hold a dual BA, one in political science and the other in economics. I've worked in community-based research settings and managed two large research projects across three continents. Therefore, I have a tremendous amount of international research experience. I’ve travelled extensively throughout Africa; Western, Central and Eastern Europe; and Central Asia. While I’m a US citizen, I’ve lived in Norway off and on since 1998. Having spent a considerable amount of time in East Africa, I often think of this part of the world as my second home. Moreover, I’ve had the unique opportunity to be involved in election monitoring in Africa and former Soviet countries, having witnessed first-hand examples of election rigging and other human rights violations. I am a member of the Norwegian Standby Force, as managed by the Norwegian Refugee Council and the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights. Currently, I manage "Edit to Publish," a small Norwegian-based firm that specializes in science and copy editing and research consulting. Please see my Curriculum Vitae for more details.


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